ASUS ROG GLADIUS III Wireless Aimpoint, bezdrátová myš - černá

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Kód268606PN90MP02Y0-BMUA00EAN4711081757726VýrobceASUSZáruka24 měsíců
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Revolutionary Performance

ROG Gladius III Wireless features tri-mode connectivity (2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth® LE, wired USB) and a 19,000 dpi optical sensor with 1% deviation (tuned to 26,000 dpi) for near-zero latency and unrivaled precision. Its ergonomic shape offers comfort for marathon gaming sessions, and a unique Push-Fit Switch Socket II design ensures compatibility with both mechanical and Omron optical micro switches. Finishing touches include a flexible ROG Paracord and round-edged 100% TPFE mouse feet for an ultra-smooth glide, plus laser-engraved ROG markings with RGB lighting on the textured, nonslip side panel.

Classic Asymmetrical Design

The classic asymmetrical design of Gladius III Wireless is well-suited to a variety of right-handed grip styles, providing comfort that lasts. It’s also 30% lighter than its predecessor, allowing for faster and smoother control.

Tri-Mode Connectivity

Gladius III Wireless can be connected via ultrafast 2.4 GHz RF, energy-efficient Bluetooth LE, or wired USB. Pick the option that best suits the scenario.

  • Wired USB

  • Wired USB

  • Bluetooth

Ultimate Performance

A high-end optical sensor delivers the accuracy and precision you need. Offering a range of 100 – 26,000 dpi (with class-leading 1% deviation), Gladius III Wireless tracks flawlessly at up to 400 inches per second at 50 g acceleration. A 1000 Hz polling rate in both 2.4 GHz and wired modes offers lag-free response for instantaneous control.

* ROG Gladius III Wireless features 19,000 dpi optical sensor that is specially tuned to 26,000 dpi.

  • 26,000 dpi


Instant Actuation

ROG Gladius III has a unique pivoted button design with zero gap between the mouse button and switch to ensure instantaneous actuation. In addition, tuned firmware filters out unintended mouse clicks for both mechanical and optical micro switches to give gamers an edge in competitive gaming.

Push-Fit Switch Socket II

The world’s first Push-Fit Switch Socket II design allows you to hot swap traditional 3-pin mechanical switches and the latest 5-pin Omron® optical micro switches. A strengthened socket reduces shaking to provide consistent button clicks. With switches varying in feel and characteristics, this innovative socket design gives you the flexibility to select the switch that best suits your play style.

ROG Micro Switches

The new ROG Micro Switches feature a 70-million-click lifespan and a gold-plated electro-junction to improve durability. Strict ROG manufacturing standards ensure that each individual switch is inspected and sorted, pairing left and right switches to keep force deviation within +/- 5 gram-force for a consistent click feel.



  • +/- 5 GRAM-FORCE




Efficient Performance

Enjoy up to 55 hours of gameplay on 2.4 GHz RF or up to 96 hours on a Bluetooth connection*.

* Battery life test conducted in RGB off mode

  • Multi-Device Connectivity

    Connect up to three devices with Bluetooth fast pairing technology and switch between them by pressing the Pair button.

  • Five Onboard Memory Profiles

    You can also save up to five custom profiles utilizing the onboard memory, all accessible by pressing the Profile button.

  • ROG Paracord

    This extremely flexible and lightweight cord is designed to minimize snags and maximize movement.

  • Omni Mouse Feet

    The integrated 100% Teflon (PTFE) mouse feet are rounded to ensure an effortless glide across any surface.

  • Pivoted Button Mechanism

    This unique mechanism minimizes the distance between buttons and switches for near-instantaneous click response.

Aura RGB Lighting

The ROG logo, scroll wheel, and ROG markings along the side of ROG Gladius III Wireless feature integrated ROG Aura RGB lighting. The laser-engraved side panel also features special flicker effects that can be customized with the color of your choice.

  • Static

  • Breathing

  • Color Cycle

  • Reactive

  • Rainbow

  • Comet

  • Partition

  • Battery Mode

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate lets you easily tune ROG Gladius lll Wireless to suit your gameplay. Adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map buttons, customize lighting effects, and more.


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